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Oleg Tischenkov / Олег Тищенков

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the calm air force base near granny's village

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Sorry that I only speak English...

Your drawings are all so wonderful! I enjoy seeing them so much. They give me new insight into my daily life and make me smile. Thank you!

Re: Sorry that I only speak English...

Didn't you catch theme of my stories?
I vahe tired to do it without any words aspecialy for peoples like you.
I have a lot of NONrussian friends and I hope you will be one of them!
Thank you!!

Re: Sorry that I only speak English...

What medium do you use? It looks to me like black and grey markers on colored paper, but I'm not sure how you get your lovely whites.

my whit i do by white gel pen (like PENTEL) and then i cover it by white marcer (edding)
but my gray marcers (copic) have NOT so simpe gray colour
I have two ones: cold and warm gray. On different colours if paper it makes different visual effects
but it stays invisible after scanning :((

Who knew that gel pens would be so useful to artists? Wonderful!

What a shame that your greys don't scan as well as they should. I will look harder and try to guess which grey you were using from now on.

Do you publish these anywhere besides your journal?

I didnt publish it anywere
exept two stories I was published in russian magazinbolshoy gorod (http://bgorod.ru/)

They are so good, so professional, that I'm surprised that they aren't a weekly feature in a newspaper or magazine.

it's Moscow only manypages bigformat newspaper with colour cover

Excellent. I am glad you are sharing them with those of us who can't get the Moscow newspapers! Thank you.

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