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Oleg Tischenkov / Олег Тищенков

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the calm air force base near granny's village

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my whit i do by white gel pen (like PENTEL) and then i cover it by white marcer (edding)
but my gray marcers (copic) have NOT so simpe gray colour
I have two ones: cold and warm gray. On different colours if paper it makes different visual effects
but it stays invisible after scanning :((

Who knew that gel pens would be so useful to artists? Wonderful!

What a shame that your greys don't scan as well as they should. I will look harder and try to guess which grey you were using from now on.

Do you publish these anywhere besides your journal?

I didnt publish it anywere
exept two stories I was published in russian magazinbolshoy gorod (http://bgorod.ru/)

They are so good, so professional, that I'm surprised that they aren't a weekly feature in a newspaper or magazine.

it's Moscow only manypages bigformat newspaper with colour cover

Excellent. I am glad you are sharing them with those of us who can't get the Moscow newspapers! Thank you.

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